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Books by independent Baptists, for independent Baptists (and for everyone else too!)

We strive to provide books that are faithful to the Scriptures and practical in their nature, all while helping you grow in your walk with God.

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Who Are We?

We are Adam and Dianne Riveiro. We serve at the Liberty Baptist Church in Easton, Massachusetts, the church we were privileged to plant in 2013. We love serving God in New England!

As a pastor, I’ve had the opportunity to write almost 100 different newspaper columns in the Boston area dealing with matters of the faith. We’re thankful for this open door in our community.

We have four amazing children: Bethany, Kaylee, AJ, and Peyton. We love our family, and we’re passionate about serving the Lord together!

Why Ready Scribe Publications?

The independent Baptist movement has sorely lacked practical reading material for a great many years. No doubt, this statement isn’t a shock to you. Because of this dearth of like-minded reading material, our books are geared specifically for independent Baptists, written by fellow independent Baptists. You can trust that a book from Ready Scribe Publications…

  • …utilizes the King James Version exclusively,
  • …upholds the authority of the local church,
  • …uses sound doctrine from cover to cover,
  • …and is unwaveringly dedicated to be a practical resource you can refer to again and again.