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Hope from Our Heart to Yours | Adam and Dianne Riveiro

In 2014, the Riveiro family started a journey they never anticipated as their son, AJ, was diagnosed with autism and a host of other neurological issues. The weeks and months that followed AJ’s diagnosis brought a whirlwind of emotions and confusion as they each grappled with their new reality. Over time, however, God brought spiritual healing to their family through their study of the Word of God.

Hope from Our Heart to Yours is a thirty-day devotional journey that shares many of the lessons the Riveiros learned during those early years after their son’s special needs diagnosis. They want families to know, no matter what diagnosis your family may be dealing with, that the Bible offers hope for your times of heartache and calm for your seasons of confusion.

Available in paperback and Kindle versions

Ministering to Children with Special Needs | Adam and Dianne Riveiro (foreword by Sam Davison)

Churches across America have neglected a forgotten people group: children with special needs. Pastor Adam Riveiro and his wife Dianne lend their unique insight in this primer, teaching pastors and their congregations the basics of starting, maintaining, and growing a special needs ministry.

Don’t know where to start? That’s perfect! The Riveiro’s teach that although your ministry journey may begin with ignorance, you can reach the goal of total dependence upon God. Through their research, personal testimonies, and experiences, it’s their prayer that your burden and zeal for reaching these precious young people will blossom.

Available in paperback and Kindle versions

The Anatomy of an Effective Deputation Calendar | Adam Riveiro

Prospective missionary, is the thought of going on deputation so overwhelming that you are trying to find a way to avoid the process altogether? Are you willing to go, but have no idea where to begin? Are you concerned that you’ll hit the road, but then hit roadblocks as soon as you leave home?

 In his latest book in the “Anatomy of Ministry” series, Pastor Adam Riveiro uses his experience as both a church planter and pastor to show that building a deputation calendar from scratch doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems. Pastor Riveiro takes the mystery out of the deputation process, allowing you to more effectively  raise your support all while saving time and money…and perhaps even your sanity!

Through the pages of this booklet, you’ll find the anatomy of the most effective deputation calendars, including…

The Purpose of Deputation Calendars

The People of Deputation Calendars

The Pattern of Effective Deputation Calendars (addressing the Pre-Planning, Pre-Deputation, and Para-Deputation scheduling phases)

The Pitfalls of Deputation Calendars

The Perks of Effective Deputation Calendars

Available in paperback and Kindle versions

The Anatomy of an Effective Prayer Letter | Adam Riveiro

Missionary, do you dread writing prayer letters? Has your lack of desire to write these reports caused friction between you and your supporting churches? If so, you’re not alone… but it doesn’t have to be this way!

 In his book, The Anatomy of an Effective Prayer Letter, Pastor Adam Riveiro weaves his experience both as a church planter and a writer to show missionaries how to write the type of prayer letters that supporting churches want to read. Through his own personal experiences writing monthly prayer letters for over a decade , he shows the process doesn’t have to be either as time-consuming or difficult as you may think.  

Through the pages of this booklet, you’ll find the anatomy of the most effective missionary prayer letters, including…

The Purpose of Prayer Letters

The People of Prayer Letters

The Pattern of Effective Prayer Letters

The Pitfalls of Prayer Letters

The Perks of Effective Prayer Letters

Available in paperback and Kindle versions

Thoughts From the Thirteenth Floor | Adam Riveiro

Everybody has faith in something! That’s what these “thoughts from the thirteenth floor” are all about. Pastor Adam Riveiro has published a monthly newspaper column since 2013 dealing with matters of the Word of God and faith in Jesus Christ. Whether read in one sitting or as a 25-day devotional, you will be challenged and encouraged by each chapter.

Available in paperback and Kindle versions